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If It Comes on a Car, We Have It!

Car with Used Auto Parts from Salvage Yard Car with Used Auto Parts from Salvage Yard Car with Used Auto Parts from Salvage Yard

Antonio Auto Parts, Inc., is a salvage yard that sells used auto parts for any type of vehicle. We specialize in cars from 1990 and up, but we do have parts for older models. Whether you need an engine, seat belts, or a bumper, we have it all!

Auto Parts Include:

♦ Engines & Parts
♦ Transmissions & Parts
♦ Differentials
♦ A/C Parts
♦ Radiators
♦ Fly Wheels
♦ CV Axles
♦ Rims
♦ Tires

Body Parts Include:

♦ Doors
♦ Fenders
♦ Windows
♦ Hoods
♦ Quarter Panels
♦ Trunks
♦ Grills
♦ Bumpers
♦ Front Clips

Interior Parts:

♦ Center Consuls
♦ Door Handles
♦ Dash Boards
♦ Window Handles
♦ Seat Belts
♦ Electrical
♦ And Much More

Parts For:

♦ Chevy™
♦ Ford™
♦ Chrysler™
♦ Toyota™
♦ Buick™
♦ Nissan™
♦ Pontiac™
♦ GMC™
♦ Oldsmobile™
♦ Hyundai™
♦ Honda™
♦ Kia™
♦ Subaru™
♦ Jeep™
♦ Mitsubishi™
♦ Lincoln™
♦ Mercury™
♦ Mazda™
♦ Saturn™
♦ Mercedes™
♦ BMW™

Visit our salvage yard for used auto parts today!
(800) 824-2578

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